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The Spiritual Freedom Series

If you sincerely want to live your authentic life and experience the fulfillment and inner peace doing so brings, here are your next steps. Each step includes these benefits -

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    You will have Lifetime Access to any course in which you enroll so the most up-to-date content is available to you.

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    Exclusive membership in our Facebook Community Group where you can share ideas, ask questions and make like-minded friends around the world.

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    When you know, see, feel and understand you are living your life purpose, you are more relaxed, trust your ideas and make better decisions.

Step 1

The Discover Video Course

Live a Better, More Fulfilling Live.

You will know and feel you are really getting somewhere in life when it is clear to you that you are operating from your truth. It is a feeling of profound self-respect.

This is the foundation upon which you can live a highly rewarding spiritual life while enjoying all the material opportunities life has to offer.

The lessons clarify who you are, where you came from, why you are here and where you go when you pass on. They explain, in detail, how you can use your energy to more effectively live your unique life purpose. This content is so clear and spiritually pure that it can be watched for years and still be relevant to what is going on in your life at the time. This class contains 14 lessons. The fee is $30 US

This class contains 14 video lessons. The fee is $30 US

Step 2

Embrace Workshop

A workshop that expands on the knowledge you gained in the Discover course so it becomes wisdom and a way of life rather than just concepts.

Make your Life a Beingness

This is an opportunity to experience your spiritual freedom in everything thing you do. Upon completion of this course, you will have the basic tools you need to stay on track while you fulfill your purpose in life.

  • Experience techniques that enable you to keep your energy directed and positive in all situations.

  • Refine your communication with your spiritual helpers through techniques that open you to their inspirations.

  • Clarify how loyalty to yourself is the cornerstone to being One With All.

  • Establish a more balanced inner relationship between your intellect and feeling natures so your wants and needs are clear to you.

  • Learn to keep your environment spiritually cleansed.

  • Heal concepts you carry that are slowing your spiritual progress.

This course contains 17 lessons. Prerequisite: Completion of Step 1. The fee is $49 US